نشطة في التجارة الدو لية و التصدير و استيراد البترول CEKAVE نحن مجموعة
و السياحة و مصانع الغزل و النسيج و المقاهى و المطاعم و مستحضرات التجميل. يقع
مقرنا الرئيسي في بانكوك وتايلاند لتعاون مع تركيا و الشرق الأوسطوأوروبا
. و أمريكا و الصين


Zekahve White Strawberry Soap: 

Whiten and exfoliate skin with high concentrated AHA and white Strawberry Extractand fresh fruity berry scenBase on coconut oil and other natural oils, full of Vitamin E and moisturizing.


Room Fiberry Contributes to detoxing the body up to 5 systems Intestinal System – Liver System – Kidney System – Blood System – Skin System
• Collected extracts from 36 kinds of fruits and vegetables.
• Rich in essential vitamins and fiber from 7 colors of fruits and vegetables.
• 100% natural extracts


Boom Gluta Shots Clear new skin food “FIR Glutathione” (Innovative Far Infrared Glutathione Complex) be an expert Seoul International Invention Fair 2020 ( SIIF 2020 ) With this new activity, results are 250% better than before.

Vitamin C 

BOOM VIT C is a natural vitamin.
Absorbed better than synthetic vitamin C
Provide nutrients other than vitamin C
does not damage tooth enamel does not cause tooth decay
does not irritate the stomach

Arabica Coffee

Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Fiber
Selected extracts Which gives you benefits
Collected up to 36 species
• Chia seeds • Bucket rental • Reishi Mushroom Extract
• Turmeric extract • Korean ginseng
• Ginkgo biloba extract
• Garcinia extract
• Black sesame extract

Mineral Lifting Spray 

Vevey Mineral Lifting Spray


Boom Collagen Plus

Dietary supplement products that help take full care of your skin, hair, and nails to help you look good from the inside out. With the benefits of extracts with up to 36 species imported from abroad from all over the world.

Whey Protein 

Zip Whey Protein Plus Its main active ingredient consists of 3 Multiproteins: Whey Protein, Soy Protein, Yeast Protein imported from USA It combines 70 kinds of vitamins and minerals from the deep sea. with dietary fiber, Fiber Complex.

Zip Dietary Supplement Product

The origin of clinical research that has been discovered. exclusive extract Innovation imported from South Korea “Yeast Extract Hydrolyzate

” Help zip the zip lock the appetite. from the first time eating with extracts that are specially formulated for 15 species which acts to “block” the absorption of starch and fat enter the body and promote metabolism and break down excess fat.