نشطة في التجارة الدو لية و التصدير و استيراد البترول CEKAVE نحن مجموعة
و السياحة و مصانع الغزل و النسيج و المقاهى و المطاعم و مستحضرات التجميل. يقع
مقرنا الرئيسي في بانكوك وتايلاند لتعاون مع تركيا و الشرق الأوسطوأوروبا
. و أمريكا و الصين


Zekahve White Strawberry Soap: 

Whiten and exfoliate skin with high concentrated AHA and white Strawberry Extractand fresh fruity berry scenBase on coconut oil and other natural oils, full of Vitamin E and moisturizing.

Fluffy Whip Scrub:   Coffee grounds can be used to exfoliate the skin. because it contains anti-oxidants Acts as detoxifying agent for the outer skin.

Yeast and Egg White Soap:  Reduce Inflamed Acne , Reduce White Head Acne, Reduce Whitehead Acne.

Unicorn Cocktail Party Soap :  Speed whitening with mix berries extract, milk and honey.

Rose Stem Cell Water Soap :  Aromatherapy smell Luxury products with gold glittering ling pink color.

Gluta Grape Seed Soap : Special properties of grape seed oil, Grape seed oil is considered a useful natural oil . Many people are probably  more familiar with the skin care properties of this oil.

Gold Mineral Aloe Vera Soap : Gold Mineral Aloe Vera soap premium quality, Extract Aloe vera imported from France.

Tamarind Scrub Soap:  Dense with herbs and scrub , Vit C from  Tamarind &  Plai (Herb) Remove dead cell & Whitening from Nature.

Himalayan Pink Salt Heart Soap : Exfoliates Dead Cells. Most people know about salt scrubs, but few people know about pink Himalayan salt scrubs. They are excellent scrubs that can incredibly save your skin.

Avocado Oil Soap :  Avocado oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D  and  E.

Extra Virgin Coconut oil Soap :  Fresh smell of mint & Coconut, Whiten skin & Moisturizes.